WG Public Policies.

Affect public policies to positively transform the fashion ecosystem.

Initiative name.
Fios da Trama.


Head of project.
Mércia Silva.


Fabio Pinto (IC&A), Fernanda Carreira (FGVCes), Mércia Silva (InPACTO).


Anchor institution.

Why this initiative is important.


We believe that to achieve the results described in the Fashion Lab’s Theory of Change and ensure a fair and sustainable industry by 2027 we need to create favorable system conditions. These include public policies that foster the development of the industry as a whole, particularly in terms of the challenges related to wasting materials, intensive use of virgin raw materials, inefficient fiscal policies, excessive bureaucracy, lack of investments in infrastructure, unfavorable business environment, informal employment & migration flows, and investment in technology.

What we seek.

To draft public policy proposals approved by the Fashion Lab, develop, and roll out an advocacy strategy for advancing these proposals.

What we plan on doing.

:: Assess the training and practices of organizations and the Fashion Lab team regarding public policies;
:: Create a map to assess the processes, topics and decision-making mechanisms used by organizations that already monitor public policies (Pact against Corruption, Climate Forum, GIFE, ABC Program Observer);
:: Test the construction of a consent agenda among the members of the Fashion Lab;
:: Develop and roll out an industry advocacy strategy.

Where we are currently at. 

In the prototype stage, testing the concept.

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