WG Bussines Model. 

Research and awareness campaign to promote sustainable and fair exchanges within the production chain.

Temporary Initiative name.
Mão Dupla.


Anne Posthuma (OIT), Camila Zelezoglo (Abit), Giuliana Ortega (Instituto C&A), Lúcia Santana Leão Buson (SEBRAE), Mariana Xavier (Instituto C&A) Kazue (Eruption Jeans).


Anchor organization.
Abit. Support: OIT, PNUD, Sebrae.sa

Why this initiative is important.


Textile companies are mostly small and microbusinesses, meaning they have several shortcomings when it comes to management, working conditions, informal employment and financial dependency. The commercial practices of retailers, suppliers and subcontractors affect the chain’s financial standing, hindering business growth, compliance levels, particularly in social issues, and increasing the risks within this supply chain. Although the industry is aware of this problem, it still does not realize its magnitude, nor does it know the best and most viable practices it could deploy to tackle it.

What we seek.

To establish sustainable and fair sale and purchase relationships throughout the entire supply chain of big fashion retail chains, as well as build mechanisms and commitment pledges by retailers, suppliers and subcontractors.

What we plan on doing.

:: Promote strategic dialogues that engage all stakeholders;
:: Conduct a study on the problems and bottlenecks found in the relationship between retailers and their direct suppliers, as well as between subcontractors and suppliers, impact on social compliance, governance and environmental performance, and best practices in the relationship between buyers and suppliers;
:: Raise awareness among the target stakeholders selected through the study.
:: Create and/or strengthen suppliers’ and subcontractors’ representation channels;
:: Develop a mechanism to regularly assess purchasing and selling relationships within the supply chain.

Where we are currently at. 

Finishing up the project and forming partnerships.

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