WG Work and Inequality. 

Development of associative work models for seamstresses to improve their wages and working condition.

Initiative name.
Tramando Junt@s nossa cidadania e autonomia.

Heads of project (executive comission).
Miriam Duailibi e Sergio Miletto (Instituto Ecoar), Mércia Silva e Mariana Miranda (InPacto), Roque Pattussi e Jessica Ruiz (CAMI) e Tomasa Nancy (Coletivo Informal de Costureiras da Casa Verde).

Ana Yara Paulino (pesquisadora do movimento sindical), Aparecida Carmelita de Sousa (Sindicato das Costureiras de Osasco e São Paulo), Francisca Trajano dos Santos (CNT V-CUT), Luciana Campello Almeida (IC&A), Luciana Elena Vázquez (Secretaria Municipal de Direitos Humanos), Marcel Gomes (Repórter Brasil), Patricia Lima (OIT).

Anchor institution.
Instituto Ecoar (proponente) Parceiras: InPACTO, CAMI, Coletivo Informal de Costureiras da Casa Verde e Alampyme. Apoiador: Instituto C&A.

Why this initiative is important.


This multi-sectoral initiative seeks to benefit primarily migrant women who are the heads of their households, and work as seamstresses. It plans to shed light on the problem of degrading work, slave & child labor and informal employment. It also aims to remove them from the isolation of working at home/at a client’s and relocate them to a collective space that offers more interaction and training opportunities, power of sale and purchase, formal employment opportunities, improved working conditions and assistance to understand public policies and their rights.

What we seek.

To develop a new methodology to roll out a self-sustaining and replicable collective production model that breaks with the economic violence suffered by migrant women who work as seamstresses. This will be combined with a continuing education program that draws on the migrant seamstresses’ knowledge, experience and dreams.

What we plan on doing.

:: Create an association for seamstresses who are individual micro-entrepreneurs, preferably migrant women, to unite them in a society with a specific purpose;
:: Create a joint workspace with a more collaborative and welcoming arrangement based on the principle of solidarity economy, and which challenges the current business model with high level working and safety conditions;
:: Provide training courses on business and civic education;
:: Welcome and care for workers’ children;
:: Engage with organizations that provide a protection network and public services;
:: Gain market access by establishing commercial relationships that ensure high levels of compliance.

Where we are currently at. 

Carrying out a viability study and a business plan with the help of the C&A Institute.

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