WG Product life cycle. 

Labels with information on toxicity, water consumption and CO2.

Initiative Name.

Head of project.
Beatriz Kiss.


Beatriz Kiss (FGVCes), Bruna Todeschini (Renner), Ezio Muzetti (Rhodia Solvay), Luiza Lorenzetti (Abit), Sueli Pereira (Santista), Ana Paula Bogmann (Pernambucanas), Ariel Horovitz (Norfil), Renato Boaventura (Rhodia Solvay), Silvio Moraes (Textile Exchange).


Anchor institution.

Why this initiative is important.


TThe clothing segment is woefully unaware of the environmental impact its products have, while the industrial sector as a whole is frequently characterized as being highly polluting. Environmental labelling can also be an opportunity to foster competitiveness in this particular industry, especially in international markets, as it boosts industry transparency.

What we seek.

To raise awareness about fashion products’ life cycles, and educate industry stakeholders on the environmental damage caused by their products.

What we plan on doing.

:: Conduct training courses and studies on Product Life Cycle Analysis:
– Analyze studies that focus on the impacts caused by this industry, divided by categories and activities;
– Create a label prototype that contains information on a product’s environmental impact;
– Analyze options for scaling up and expanding this label to new products and categories.

Where we are currently at. 

Final stage of project development and finalizing partnerships.

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