WG Culture and Consumerism. 

Think-do-tank to promote a sustainability culture within the fashion industry through workshops, talks, event participation, content development, movies and apps.

Initiative name.
Do Lab: Think-do-tank para sustentabilidade na moda.


Head of project.
Marina Colerato.


Amélia Malheiros (Fundação Hering), André Carvalhal (AHLMA), Angélica Lima (Senai CETIQT), Edmundo Lima (ABVTEX), Fernanda Simon (Fashion Revolution), Marina Colerato (Modefica), Renata Nascimento (Pernambucanas).


Anchor institution.
Fashion Revolution.

Why this initiative is important.


The fact that there is limited information available to the fashion market, its consumers and society as a whole negatively impacts the choices consumers and the industry make.

Industry networks and movements exist in an isolated manner, with groups mostly expressing their own interests to themselves, thus being completely unaware of other possibilities. We believe that, as soon as the market and its consumers are more aware of both the positive and negative impacts of this particular industry, they will be better prepared to affect significant changes within the chain, starting from the production stage all the way up to the consumers.

What we seek.

To raise awareness and engage both the market and society to establish fair working conditions in the fashion industry, more sustainable production processes and conscious consumerism.

What we plan on doing.

:: Promote the Fashion Lab and its initiatives at national and international industry events in partnership with other Fashion Lab members.
:: Develop:Fashion industry-related educational games for schools; Exhibits to be placed at shopping malls and industry events; Educational webseries or films.
:: Update the Fashion Lab’s online platform with a map of solutions, initiatives, networks and content.

Where we are currently at. 

Final stage of project development, participating in events and submitting the project to financial aid programs.

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