WG Education.

Introduction of topics that address Sustainable Fashion Lab prioritized challenges into the syllabus of industry training programs.

Initiative name.
EducAÇÃO na Moda.

Head of project.
Marcelo Ramos.


Marcelo Ramos (Senai CETIQT), Dilara Rubia Pereira (Senai São Paulo), Grasiela Moretto (UFO WAY), Oscar Augusto Rache Ferreira (Sindicato da Indústria Têxtil de Pernambuco).


Anchor Institution.

Senai Departamento Nacional e Senai CETIQT.

Why this initiative is important.

Low levels of productivity, competitiveness and innovation in the fashion chain derive from the fragile training of its professionals. Industry education institutions and professional training programs in general do not address the topics that could help improve conditions in the textile and clothing value chain. Such topics include gender, ethnical and economic equality, product life cycle and sustainability. This initiative seeks to engage the leaders of said institutions to ensure that course syllabi include these topics.

What we seek.
To influence the syllabi of professional training courses offered by education institutions from SENAI and other similar organizations, so that they include lessons on gender, equality, diversity, fair work and sustainability issues.


What we plan on doing.
:: Prospect and understand the existing or under development programs and projects offered by different professional training institutions;
:: Engage with Senai’s project management team to carry out pilot program/prototype;
:: Engage with professional training institutions to influence their programs’ syllabi.

Where we are currently at. 

Carrying out the actions necessary to roll out the prototype at Senai.

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